Residential Marketing Plan

Fred's Marketing Plan

Fred Adams
RE/MAX Integrity

The world is changing fast and real estate marketing needs to keep pace. The days of simply placing a sign in the front yard and an occasional ad in the local paper are long gone. Today’s buyers are a fast-moving group and are bombarded daily with competition for their attention. My job is to figure out how to best grab their attention long enough to focus on your property. This successful marketing plan is how I garner that attention. From the technology of fun to experience 3-D Tour to the four-photo sign rider, I think you will agree that things look a little different here. Even the more predictable marketing efforts are given a unique spin in this plan. My goal is to attract attention to your home, to bring you the best buyers and the most dollars in the fastest amount of time.

Time Is of the Essence

Your property is immediately uploaded to the servers at the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing System (WVMLS). It is distributed from there to all Realtor’s computers. There are no 2, 3, or 4 day delays to keep your property listing “in house”. Your needs are best served by immediate WIDE exposure.

Printed Flyers and Brochures

Full color, photo quality information sheets will be made available to each person visiting your home. This makes your home stand out. Once the potential buyers return to their home it is easy for them to recall in detail the property because they have the basic information and photos to help them clearly remember YOUR home. Our familiar brochure boxes out front of the home will have full color, photo paper quality information sheets available for all drive bys. In addition a more elaborate brochure with more information will be made available inside the home.

Realtor Tour Email Flyers

For years Realtors have posted their brand new listings on what we call the Realtor Tour. It is a weekly opportunity to view a number of new listings without having to make appointments to do

so. We always email a flyer about our new listings to local Realtors. By chance we discovered that if we did it the night before the tour, Realtors would find it first thing in their email in the morning and

our tour attendance went way up! Needless to say we now always send those out the night before the Realtor Tour!

Our Extensive Web Presence

Recent statistics prove that more than 80% of all home buyers now do at least preliminary exploration on the web. I make sure that your home is listed on at least 4 web sites. has the largest number of hits of any real estate site. now is 2nd in hits only to the workhorse. Your home is also feature on my own web site which is promoted heavily locally and in the search engines and also in the very popu­lar REMAX Integrity web site. In addition we do post to Zillow, Trulia, Craig’s List, and All of these sites link to each other so that you can easily see how you appear in any of these formats and it also increases our “SEO” (Search engine optimization). From these sites your property gets passed on to so many viewing sites that it is impossible to keep track of them all. Needless to say you get full web coverage.

Mobile App. QR Codes

Image description QR Codes. By now you no doubt are probably aware of these. You see them everywhere. We take time to give each of properties its OWN QR code which allows a smart phone user to scan this symbol and go directly to our special mobile device website dedicated to your home. There they will find all the information and photos in an abbreviated format designed specifically for enhanced operation on these smart phones.